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Tracey Emin ‘Laying on Blue’, 2011

S Omeone stab me with a fucjking knife PLEASE KI LLME


"life before profits"
Anonymous: Hey youve been missing in my dash for a few days.. are u ok?

yeh im sorry iv been trying to sort myself out 


Anonymous: Wow that anon was basically encouraging you to cut, you shouldn't be doing it lovely, distract yourself from it by reading, drawing, anything. Please try to distract yourself even if it doesn't work, try to stop, please at least try. I know all too well how the urge can be uncontrollable but you have to try to control it. You will get better in time, take it from someone who's experienced it all and got through it. It makes me sad that your sad, please try to stop:( xxx

im sorry im really sorry i am trying xx